April 4, 2024

Make the most of your Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants can play a very valuable role within business operations.

Below are some points on how a virtual assistant can assist you:

1- Email Management

This is a very quick and effective way that a VA can help you save time on meetings and your personal life. If they have access to your diary they can manage everything for you.

2- Inbox Management

Giving your VA access to your emails is another very good way to delegate your work. They can respond to emails on your behalf, tidy up your inbox, flag or colour code, important items, reduce the spam load and generally make it work like a very well oiled machine!

3- Research

This is a task which can take a considerable amount of time. A VA can take this off you to save you time and effort, whether it be researching a holiday, a personal event, or a business related task. All areas of research can be laid out in a document or in an email for ease of the client (pulling out only the most important points to share.)

4- Travel Mangement

Being an independent travel agent myself I can offer this added service which will cost you no extra money. I can book flights, hotels, package holidays, personal trips etc. I can also coordinate events for your business as well as visa’s, car hire, airport parking etc.

5-  Virtual Assistant Costs

With a virtual assistant, you don’t have to pay holiday, sickness, maternity/paternity etc. The hourly rate of a VA will cover tax, electricity, water etc within that one rate, meaning there is no hidden extras and you are aware of all of the costs which you pay for. A VA is a very cost-effective way of handling your admin.

These are just some way of how you can make the most of hiring a virtual assistant.

Many of my clients have said it is the best investment to their business they have made, as there are no hidden extras that will cost you more money. I have many years of administration experience, and hiring a VA will definitely benefit your business.

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