June 15, 2024

How Can Virtual Assistants Revolutionise Your Business

The Power of Outsourcing and how to use it to your advantage

1- Cost Savings

A lot of people don’t realise that a VA can actually save you time and money. Why would you struggle to do the tasks that you dislike doing when you can employ someone virtually to do it for you. You will save on sickness, holiday pay and maternity/paternity so it’s a win win situation. The VA will also pay their own tax.

2- Access to Specialised Skills

Different VA’s specialise in different things (eg, social media, finance, admin etc) so you can source which one is right for you. Outsourcing to a specialist in a field you’re not comfortable with saves alot of time and money.

3- Increased Efficiency

By hiring a VA you as a business owner can focus on your core activities which you do best, and not worry about the smaller details which someone else can take care of. If you have a good VA he/she would be very good at just getting on with jobs given, which will also give you more time on concentrating on running your business.

4- Scalability

As a business owner, by hiring a VA you will be able to scale your business operations just the way you need it. As mentioned above, you can outsource tasks to specialists who know what they are doing in their core field, leaving you to manage your business/team as you wish.

5-  Flexibility

VA’s can also save you money with their working hours which in turn offers flexibility. You won’t have to pay full time hours as they are not employed by you, which therefore means you save money and only have someone working core hours you need. You can also source someone which works the hours you need, whether it’s business hours, evenings, weekends or a different timezone.

These are just some ways of how you can make the most of hiring a virtual assistant.

Many of my clients have said it is the best investment to their business they have made, as there are no hidden extras that will cost you more money. I have many years of administration experience, and hiring a VA will definitely benefit your business.

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