June 15, 2024

6 Tips for Mastering Email Management

it’s important to have an efficient running inbox in order to be able to manage your workload effectively.

Here are 6 practical tips to keep your inbox organised and reduce stress effectively

1- Should I implement Email filters?

I don’t use filters on my inbox as I like to keep emails right down to a minimum all the time and this is how I manage them, however filters can be a very good way of managing your inbox if you are overwhelmed with mail. If you don’t want to manage these yourself, a Virtual Assistant is a very good resource to help manage them for you.

2 – Do Folders and Labels help?

I use sub folders all the time, and they are a very good way to categorise your emails and file them once the task/action is completed.

3 – Is it important to set aside dedicated time?

As a VA I tend to set aside different times of the day to respond to emails from different time zones, this helps me manage my clients workload better. It’s also important to block time out in your diary to manage your emails (if you don’t have an assistant) and keep that time specific for admin needs.

4 – Should I Unsubscribe from Unessecary emails?

Do you get a lot of spam? If so, each time you get one, unsubscribe from it. It’s usually right at the bottom of the email in small print and very easy to do. If you don’t, these emails can take over your inbox and it’s very tricky to manage it effectively.

5 – How do I prioritise my Emails?

There are different ways to prioritise emails based on urgency and importance. You can use the flag feature, or perhaps you prefer colour coding your emails, which effectively at a glance shows you what the email is about, and this will help as you scan through. You could also read the email as you would normally, and then perhaps ‘unread’ it so it highlights in bold (meaning it needs to be actioned) or perhaps put it into an ‘action’ sub box which is unread and then use that inbox as a bit of a ‘to do’ list.

6 – How often should I Declutter my Inbox?

Declutterring your inbox on a regular basis will really help you keep on top of your emails, and keep you stress free, or at least for this part of your work!

Having a tidy inbox also means a tidy mind and can really alleviate unnecessary panic and stress when you look at your inbox. All these tips can really help you effectively regain control of your inbox.

With these few tips, I hope you are able to deal with your email management and inbox effectively.

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