June 27, 2024

How an Outsourced Freelancer Can Benefit Your Business

How is an outsourced freelancer good for your business?

Hiring an outsourced business support manager/EA could be the difference between hitting your tasks on time and meeting your clients obligations. When your own services are in demand, you can then find your time diminishes for your administrative work. It’s very easy to over commit your resources, which can then lead to you missing deadlines and your back office work suffering because of it.

Here at Every Cloud, we can help bring in additional support so that you are meeting your clients expectations with no stress to you or them. An outsourced business manager/EA can be taken on for short or long periods of time to help cover peaks in your business. If you have certain times of the year you know you will need support, why not take the stress away by hiring for certain busy periods?

The benefits of outsourcing can be substantial to your business in the long run, and with a freelancer you don’t have to worry about paying holiday or sick pay, maternity (or paternity) or tax. They will also only work the hours that you give them the work for, tracking hours as they go.

What activities can a freelancer support you with?

Some business support managers/EA specialise, and are experts in 1 main area (ie Administation support, (diary, inbox management, expenses etc), others can support with Marketing,Social Media or Finance/bookkeeping for example.

A project administrator is another good example of how outsourcing to the right person can play a vital role in your business. They will make sure everyone knows what’s happening each day or week, how the project is doing against its planned budget and any upcoming milestones. In addition, they can provide advice and guidance on project management processes and best practices. By outsourcing project/admin support, businesses can free up themselves to focus on more strategic tasks and manage their business accordingly.

What if I don’t have the money right now?

Business support/administration is an investment to your business. With the right support, the person will turn into your right arm! Why not take on someone for a few hours a week (maybe 1 or 2 hours a day) and then build from there. Then can cover off the main tasks you are struggling with, and get your swimming rather than drowning. You will quickly wonder why you didn’t invest in some help before, trust me!

These are just some ways of how you can make the most of hiring an outsourced freelancer.

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