March 5, 2024

6 apps & extensions that’ll organise your work & life

From automated technology to time management apps, there is a growing reliance on technology for organisation and productivity.  It is now becoming easier for organisations to increase their productivity and increase their goals.  Being able to manage across multiple time zones, the brilliant VC functions we can now use, and the instant connectivity with people on opposite sides of the world.

Below are some apps which you might find useful:

  1. Trello:  I use it for my client work, it’s the ultimate client management tool! You can also add small teams of people to the system and share/delegate tasks and manage your workload better.  
  2. Asana: Similar tool to Trello, but better for larger teams looking for more robust project management features. 
  3. RevealIt:  This is a great tool which I always use to transfer confidential information securely.  You simply type the information into the tool and enter the recipient’s email address and it sends to them.  The best bit is that they can only open the message once, then it disappears.  Genius!
  4. Dashlane: Another go to app of mine.  It’s a secure password vault.  I secure all my client information, passwords, bank cards etc onto this.  Login details, passwords etc are all encrypted, even on the back office end.  They only become decrypted when you enter your master password on the device. 
  5. Grammarly: This is a AI assistance app which allows you to proofread and edit documents for spelling, punctuation and grammar.  It runs in the background behind other apps.  Great productivity tool.
  6. Toggl: This is the time management app I use.  You can manually enter in your time, or use the useful timer to track the hours you do on a specific project/client etc.  You can run specific reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and is extremely useful when invoicing.  Clockify is another similar tool which is also worth a mention.  Check them out!

Those are just 6 of the great apps on the market which I use on a daily basis to do my job.  They are all very user friendly, and I encourage you to take a look to boost the functionality in your business.  We use these apps and many more at Every Cloud to make our lives easier.  Get in touch for further assistance.

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